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Council on the Workforce for Adults

The Council on the Workforce for Adults aimed to identify key workforce issues, prioritize them and select specific areas of focus. The Council developed standards regarding the provision of supervision in Connecticut’s publicly funded healthcare system and arranged for statewide dissemination of the supervision standards. The standards are intended to identify measurable characteristics of supervision, such as: who provides it; how it is delivered; and how it is documented. Given that behavioral health organizations vary greatly in the nature of the services provided, the standards are largely “content” neutral in that they do not prescribe what is taught or supervised. They are intended to help agencies in developing a culture of supervision in which attention to (1) safe and effective care and (2) positive client outcomes are regular components of the supervisory process.

The Council had a minimum of 25 members and a maximum of 30 members. Consumer, youth and/or family members were greatly valued in the process and served a major role on the Council. The Council met monthly from 2008-2010 and was facilitated by two co-conveners.

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