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The Collaborative designs, implements, and oversees projects intended to strengthen Connecticut's behavioral health workforce. Collaborative projects have varied in scope from providing training to parents, supervisors, and direct care staff, to increasing employment of persons in recovery in the behavioral health workforce. Collaborative projects were designed to address the seven core strategic workforce goals identified in the national Action Plan for Behavioral Health Workforce Development, which was developed by The Annapolis Coalition and sponsored by SAMHSA.

The seven strategic goals:

  1. Significantly expand the role of individuals in recovery and their families to participate in their own care; provide care and supports to others; and educate the workforce;
  2. Expand the role and capacity of communities to effectively identify their needs and promote behavioral health and wellness;
  3. Implement systematic recruitment and retention strategies at the federal, state, and local levels;
  4. Increase the relevance, effectiveness, and accessibility of training and education;
  5. Actively foster leadership development among all segments of the workforce;
  6. Enhance the infrastructure available to support and coordinate workforce development efforts;
  7. Implement a national research and evaluation agenda on behavioral health workforce development.
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