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Many Connecticut public and private providers, state agencies, educational institutions and other agencies offer a wide array of classroom-style and web-based training and educational resources relevant to the behavioral health workforce. Though these resources are often free or low-cost, their availability is often not widely known.

Our goal is to provide readily available, easily accessible and user-friendly behavioral health workforce training and education information. The on-line resource directory we have developed describes available behavioral health training and education resources in Connecticut. We need you to help us continue building it into an up-to-date source of useful and needed information.

Please use the form for resource directory entries. Please limit descriptive information to no more than 400 words in each section; please explain how this resource is related to behavioral health training and workforce development. Prior to posting, staff will review your submission and may make minor wording changes.

Thank you for participating in this important effort. If you have any questions, please contact us.

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